See benefits of Panaferd over synthetic coloring


Why Panaferd Over Synthetic?

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Seafood consumers have grown more and more informed about the way their food is farmed. As a salmon farmer, you want to ensure that you deliver the most natural product possible. This will allow you to give these knowledgeable consumers what they’re looking for, and will put your food on track to some of the most desirable stores and markets.

Seafood Expo North America appeals to seafood buyers in all market categories – including retail, restaurant, catering, foodservice, and processing. The 2020 conference program will include more than 25 educational sessions provided by top industry experts. This event will bring over 1,300 exhibiting suppliers from 49 countries to create a one-stop-shop for all things seafood. You will be able to discover, sample, source, meet new suppliers, network and more!

Seafood Expo Global allows farmers, suppliers, and processors to find the best seafood products on a global scale. This expo will bring 2,020 exhibitors together from 89 countries to create the world’s largest seafood trade fair. Attendees range from owners and purchasing managers to hotels and cruise lines and everything in between.

Aquaculture Europe 2019 is a convention covering topics across all facets of aquaculture including production, management, nutrition, and more. Thousands of producers and suppliers will be in attendance to network, learn the latest in the industry, and propel their business. Panaferd will be in Booth 115 during the trade show.

Color stability is a very important quality criteria in the salmon industry. But various steps such as preparation, freezing, and smoking can greatly affect the color of the fish. Salting, for example, will cause osmotic pressure difference, cell wall disruption, and other conditions…

Around the world, premium salmon farms are choosing to feed with Panaferd-AX to augment the color of their salmon. Panaferd-AX is preferred because our process creates a natural, safe, and healthy salmon pigmentation additive full of color-inducing carotenoids. As part of that process…

Conveniently located in Brussels, Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global is the world’s largest seafood trade fair.  The fair features more than 1,940 exhibiting companies from 78 countries.  If you are a professional seafood buyer, do not miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet and do business with seafood suppliers from every corner of the globe…

Seafood Expo North America and Seafood Processing North America is North America’s largest seafood exposition. Thousands of buyers and suppliers from around the world attend the annual, three-day exposition to meet, network and do business…