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Why Panaferd Over Synthetic?

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Technical Data

Panaferd – Efficient and Stable

Thanks to mother nature, the Paracoccus carotinifaciens microorganism contains various carotenoids which will sustain the fish color but also participate to its good health.  The most important of these being astaxanthin.


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Carotenoid Content

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Instructions of Use

When compared to synthetic pigment, Panaferd provides an efficient and stable color to the fish flesh with equivalent colorimetric characteristics (Minolta measures). Fillets are visually indistinguishable in both color intensity and hue from fish treated with synthetic astaxanthin.  The graph below depicts Atlantic salmon  SalmoFan scores (commonly used industry tool) between synthetic astaxanthin and Panaferd. No significant differences can be noticed.

Panaferd-AX does not contain any additives such as antioxidants. Once packed in its strongly built bag, the product stability will remain in excellent condition for at least 2 years from manufacturing date. After the bag has been opened prompt use is recommended, (about 1 month stored at 25°C max).

At the feed plant,  the stability of Panaferd is considered to be equivalent to that of synthetic astaxanthin. During the production process, especially after extrusion and drying, retention is estimated to be up to 90% depending on specific feed production conditions and equipment. The stability of Panaferd in feed  in storage is also comparable  and dependent  on temperature and local conditions. Nevertheless, feeds containing pigment should not be stored for long periods of time.

On salmon and trout, several trials confirmed the excellent stability of Panaferd carotenoids over time during frozen conditions (graph below). Similar results are obtained in other fish processing conditions such as smoked trout and smoked salmon.

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Panaferd-AX is a ready-to-use dry red powder in a vacuum-packed 20 kg bag (2 units per carton) or 500 kg jumbo bag.

Panaferd-AX is to be mixed into the feed meal prior to the extrusion process. This product is not suitable for post-extrusion application.

Depending on varying conditions such as fish species, water temperature, feed ingredients, salmon fan target, Panaferd-AX inclusion has to be adapted and adjusted for its optimization. Inclusion is usually based on the astaxanthin concentration of the salmon feed and varies from 20 to 60 mg/kg of feed.

Our experts are available to recommend the optimum pigmentation program required to your conditions and expectations.