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Why Panaferd Over Synthetic?

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Hear from a few of our salmon and trout farmers

From the deep fjords of Norway to the Highlands of Scotland up to the green coasts of Ireland, salmon and trout farmers work hard every day and trust in Panaferd to help them reach the highest standards of quality, closer to nature.

Kvaroy Arctic

Alf-Gøran Knutsen, General manager

“We use Panaferd because we have customers that cares about sustainable farming and the natural colorant, we get from Panaferd has a better color then the synthetic.”


Alf is one of the leaders of opinion in the salmon industry in Norway but also worldwide. KVAROY is very strong on the US market with a special agreement with WHOLE FOODS. They got a strong and efficient communication on their premium salmon, including natural pigment use. They are closely followed by INTRAFISH where you will find plenty of papers. They have been recently awarded by the AHS (American Heart Association)


Catherine MacManus, technical manager, Marine Harvest Ireland

Marine Harvest is the world leader in salmon farming, present in all regions. In Ireland, Marine Harvest only farms organic salmon with great success and full confidence in Panaferd.


Asgeir Nogva, Quality Manager

In cold and deep fjords, SALMAR has chosen natural pigment for its well known organic salmon. He acknowledges Panaferd is efficient and stable all along the process.


All Scottish salmon, either Label Rouge or premium origins like the ones from Hebridean Islands have selected Panaferd as one of the benchmarks of their quality standards.


John Russel, Managing Director

Passionate and dedicated to salmon, no doubt for John that he needs the best. All gourmet chefs over the world are amazed by the deep and rich color of Glenarm Salmon either fresh or smoked.