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Panaferd®-AX is a unique natural source of carotenoids used for the health and pigmentation of salmonids such as salmon and trout, as well as crustaceans. Panaferd® is naturally sourced from microorganisms making it the best source for health and color.

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About Panaferd®

Panaferd® is the natural choice for health and color in aquaculture species including salmonids and crustaceans by supplying a wide range of super antioxidants and red carotenoids through a naturally fermented additive. Also available for livestock feed applications (chicken, egg, pork).

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What is Panaferd®-AX

Panaferd®-AX comes from the microorganism Paracoccus carotinifaciens. While it is less than 0.2 microns in size, this microorganism is one of many components in the start of the food chain in the aquatic environment and produces one of the highest concentration of carotenoids, including astaxanthin.

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Panaferd® – Efficient and Stable

Consumer expectations for healthier, more natural food are high around the globe. The development of organic aquaculture is a clear answer to this market request. High-profile food stores around the world have developed their own seafood quality standards, raising the major issues of sustainability and food safety in the public eye.

About Panaferd®

Learn Why Natural Is Important

Additional antioxidants and nutrients found in Panaferd® make it much more than just a pigment – it is also a key ingredient to a healthier fish and a higher market value for your products. Panaferd® allows producers to physically distinguish their products, and sell to the most discerning food stores, processors, and chefs.

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