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Why Panaferd Over Synthetic?

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    Natural by Nature

    Panaferd-AX is a unique natural source of carotenoids used for the health and color of salmonids such as salmon and trout as well as crustaceans. The carotenoids are sourced from microorganisms making it the best organic source of carotenoids.

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    What is Panaferd-AX

    Natural Carotenoids by Nature

    The all-natural carotenoids found in Panaferd-AX® compensates for the lack of carotenoids in typical shrimp farming systems. Panaferd® provides shrimp with essential and rare carotenoids that provide improved immune defenses and color in shrimp. Incorporating Panaferd-AX® into the diets of shrimp leads to healthier fish harvests with more added value for farmers. Panaferd is free of sustainable, free of chemicals, and approved for organic productions.


    Organically Approved

    Countries with organic salmon standards accept Panaferd-AX in their farming processes. Panaferd is fully authorized for use in all European Union organic salmon and trout standards.