Why Panaferd?

Production Method with Low Environmental Impact

  • Non-use of synthetic preservatives. Use of plant-based or renewable ingredients has realized a more environmentally-friendly production process.
  • This fermentation culture technique uses closed and space-saving fermentation tanks so that Panaferd can be produced using minimum land and water resources.

Stable supply realized via 2 production base system

  • Having production bases in both Asia and Europe enabled us to establish a stable supply system.
  • Production via fermentation culture enables a stable supply without being influenced by the weather or other external environmental factors (geopolitical risks or procuring ingredients and energy resources).

Contributing to Organic Salmon Supply

  • The provision of an ingredient essential in producing environmentally- and safety-conscious organic salmon. Certified by Ecocert Inputs*
  • Widely used in farming organic salmon, mainly in Europe.
    ** Certified under ECOCERT Private standards, a system that specializes in additives for fertilizers, crop protection agents, etc. and verifies usability of a product in production processes of organic products.