The Scottish Salmon Company has seen fantastic growth with using Panaferd-AX for several years. Initially labelled for their premium product, Native Hebridean, they now pinpoint the use of Panaferd-AX in all salmon they sell. Earlier this year, The Scottish Salmon Company received the 2018 Foodservice Product of the Year Award. We’re excited to congratulate them for this prestigious recognition of their Native Hebridean salmon. We’re also happy to announce that as of this year the company has also begun promoting natural pigment Panaferd-AX for their Lochlander Salmon product.

About the Scotland Food Service Product of the Year Award

The Scotland of Food and Drink Awards are recognized throughout the trade as a high accolade. The awards acknowledge brands for making significant strides to improve their food and drink products. The Scottish Salmon Company has set itself apart within the fishing industry by receiving the Product of the Year Award. It represents the advancements in technique they’ve adopted as they strive to deliver the highest quality salmon product.

A Look at Scottish Salmon’s Use of Panaferd-AX

Earlier this year, The Scottish Salmon Company launched Lochlander. Lochlander’s mission is to provide naturally raise and sea loch fresh salmon to the market. They’ve taken a pivotal step in reaching this goal by utilizing Panaferd-AX for their Lochlander product. In doing so, they’re now able to advertise their salmon as having zero synthetic colorants in the feed. This is a major milestone in the fishing industry. This also distinguishes The Scottish Salmon Company as they are the first to prioritize the importance of natural pigmentation outside the organic standards or premium products.

Discover the Natural Difference for Yourself

The Scottish Salmon Company is among the first to claim natural pigmentation as part of their basic standards. Are you looking to do the same with your salmon farming business? Contact us today to discover the natural difference of Panaferd-AX. Let us show you how using the Panaferd-AX product can benefit both your product and your business.

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