Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable and natural seafood. In the farming industry, this requires finding a pigment enhancer that makes your product most appealing to consumers. What should you look for when determining which feed additive you should use? Here’s a breakdown of the natural difference between synthetic pigments and our Panaferd®-AX product.

Start at the Source

To understand why the Panaferd® Natural Pigmentation is superior to synthetic pigments available on the market, we must start at the source. Most synthetic pigments are produced by the chemical industry. They use a variety of oil-based compounds and petrochemicals to create an astaxanthin-based product. While this enhances the color of the fish, it also contains a mixture of isomers not found in wild salmon.

Comparatively, Panaferd® is sourced from a bacterial microorganism naturally found in aquatic environments. In addition to natural astaxanthin in its highest concentration, Panaferd® is composed of natural lipids and proteins produced by paracoccus cells. Other carotenoids used in our natural feed additive include natural adonirubin and natural canthaxanthin. In brief, the key differentiator is that Panaferd® is created with carotenoids found in the same isomeric form as in wild salmon.

The Pigmentation Process

Another important differentiator between synthetic feeds and our Panaferd® product is the process by which they are created. Synthetic Astaxanthin Pigments are created through a chemical technique. This commonly uses a Wittig reaction that combines phosphonium salts with a dialdehyde. In contrast, Panaferd® is created through a natural fermentation process. During this process, the paracoccus microorganism is concentrated and dried. The result is the no GMO, no additives, and no preservatives Panaferd® product.

Panaferd — The Natural Difference

When it comes to selecting the best feed additive for your salmon and trout, it comes down to the science. With utilizing ingredients found in the natural environment and a chemical-free process, Panaferd® is the natural choice. Tested and adhering by the strict European food and safety standards, it stands as an efficient, natural additive that meets consumers’ demand for more natural products. Contact us today to see how Panaferd can help improve the natural pigmentation of your salmon.


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