Around the world, premium salmon farms are choosing to feed with Panaferd-AX to augment the color of their salmon. Panaferd-AX is preferred because our process creates a natural, safe, and healthy salmon pigmentation additive full of color-inducing carotenoids. As part of that process, we work to match and exceed our customers’ exacting standards of quality and sustainability so they can grow higher quality salmon. Recently, the high standards at Kvarøy Fish Farm on Indre Kvarøy in Norway, and Atlantic Sapphire in Miami Florida have been met with our equally high standard product.

Kvarøy Fish Farm

Kvarøy Fish Farm raises their salmon in the most environmentally-conscious and responsible conditions possible. They carefully select sites for their pens in the frigid Fjords around Indre Kvarøy, Norway. As a result, their salmon exercise and behave as they would in their natural environment. Therefore, Kvarøy Fish Farm delivers only the safest and most natural product, which is why they prefer Panaferd feed. Certified by the Monterey Seafood Watch, they’ve developed a strong partnership with Whole Foods and Blue Circle Foods for distribution throughout the US market.

Atlantic Sapphire

Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse™ fish farm in Miami, Florida is growing into one of the largest RAS farms in the world. This ambitious project provides a local and reliable source of salmon to the American market. Their Bluehouse™ system enables them to create ideal growing conditions for their salmon. Atlantic Sapphire’s natural and sustainable production standard also includes the use of Panaferd natural pigment. New Seasons Market has recently announced that they will carry this premium Atlantic salmon in select stores.

The Safe, Natural, and Sustainable Choice

Feed producers and farms who strive to provide a natural, safe, and healthy product, choose Panaferd-AX. Our process guarantees that there are no GMOs, no unnatural additives, and no preservatives. Every batch of Panaferd-AX contains high concentrations of carotenoids such as astaxanthin for ideal pigmentation. If you’re interested in an organic way to improve the color and desirability of your salmon, contact us today. Our consultants can help you make your salmon look as rich as it tastes.


If you would also like more information on the stores that buy salmon fed with Panaferd-AX, watch for our interview blog post of New Seasons Market.

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