Your salmon is under scrutiny. As a food popular for its flavor, health benefits, and beauty, salmon’s image is tied to its origins. Farmed salmon has a seat among the world’s best farmed foods, but some producers cut corners and sacrifice the health of their stock for the fish’s characteristic color. Savvy consumers trace the origins of their fish, and they’re linking the health of the fish with the suitability of the final product. Companies that are open about their process and how they prioritize the health of their stock will capture attention – and Panaferd is the ideal nutritional supplement to help build a better, healthier life for your salmon, and a more confident farmed salmon brand. Read on to find out why, and how you can stand out with the natural choice.

Closer to Wild – The Panaferd Process

Panaferd is a naturally produced nutritional supplement that can be added to your fish feed, it instills a beautiful natural color and provides a whole host of other benefits for the health of your stock (that we’ll explore later in this article). It was created to fill an important gap in modern salmon feed – it’s a pigmenting nutrient that mimics how salmon get their pigment in the wild.

Crustaceans in the ocean eat seafloor microorganisms, some of which are powerhouse producers of carotenoids. Wild salmon eat these crustaceans, absorbing the rich variety of nutrients and developing their characteristic color. Panaferd is created from one of these oceanic microorganisms, we specifically chose to culture the Paracoccus Carotinofaciens microorganism for the variety and efficacy of carotenoids it generates. With no chemicals, and no GMOs, Panaferd is much more than a salmon pigment – it’s a supplement that contributes to the health of your fish and their quality of life.

Protection, Health, and Quality

Alongside beautiful coloration, Panaferd provides even more health benefits to your fish. The carotenoids in Panaferd are also powerful antioxidants, and they help increase overall vitamin A production. Your fish will be more resistant to stress and disease, and you’ll see better reproductive health in your stock. With a diet that’s closer to wild, your fish will become more resilient like wild salmon – and you can proudly proclaim that you use a natural supplement which benefits your stock’s overall health and quality.

Show the Difference With Panaferd

Make it clear that you choose a natural supplement for the health of your fish. Health-conscious consumers will take note, and your product will shine. It’s easy to incorporate Panaferd into your feed – reach out to one of our experts to talk more about how it can benefit your production and how the natural choice can set your product apart.

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