In the world of farmed salmon, success relies on those true hallmarks of quality. Flavor, texture, taste  and – of course – rich color indicate to chefs all across the globe how premium your product is. Those hallmarks are what have allowed Scotland-based farm Loch Duart’s fish to appear on some of the most exclusive and prestigious menus in the world – including The French Laundry and at the royal wedding. We reached out to discover the foundations of Loch Duart’s success, and they were happy to share the key factors in their production of quality farmed salmon.

Created With a Vision

In 1999, Scottish salmon farms were in a ‘down cycle’. Loch Duart was founded to bring together the highest expectations of chefs and consumers as to how farmed salmon should be farmed and should taste. That vision was a reflection of an ideal – the slim, torpedo-shaped body confirmation and rich pinkish-orange flesh of wild salmonids.

A Singular Purpose, a Long Process

“The farming of salmon,” says Andy Bing, co-founder and Sales Director at Loch Duart, “is a longer and more complex growth cycle than virtually any other farmed animal or fish.” Their aim, he says, is to take only the best quality and most natural option in each step of that farming process. With an average growth cycle of three years from egg to harvest, this process requires thorough dedication to each step – a dedication that shines through in the final product.

salmon fillet with ingredients

The Search for a Perfect Pigment

Their choice of pigment is a reflection of that dedication. From 1999 to 2010 the team behind Loch Duart experimented with their feed to get an ideal, natural flesh color. Near the end of that time, they came across a product that fit their criteria. It was a salmon feed supplement made from drying a natural organism which contained the vital pigment astaxanthin. They found Panaferd. It was the closest thing they could find to what wild salmon naturally encounter in their everyday diets – with protein, fat, and a variety of minerals and natural pigments. Their search was over – in 2010 they became the first Scottish salmon farm to use Panaferd in their salmons’ diet.

Quality and Success

Since then, the quality of their product has ensured a premium position in the market for Loch Duart salmon. It’s thanks to their dedication to creating the best-tasting salmon, farmed with the most natural methods – replicating the life of the wild Atlantic salmon wherever possible. With beautiful natural color from a natural source, they’re able to create a product that wins them a place of pride on tables all over the world, again and again.

Discover Natural Pigmentation and More

We’re proud to be a part of Loch Duart’s exacting process. To learn more about them, visit their site and discover what makes them the producers of “unrivalled Scottish salmon.” To learn more about how Panaferd can benefit your salmon farming process and help elevate your product, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to show you where our natural pigment will fit into your product.

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