Land-based and RAS salmon farms are a production method experiencing explosive growth – and with them comes consumer demand for healthy farmed fish. Close environmental control can lead to greater health for the fish, but it also means factors like proper diet are of higher importance.

Feed with artificial components, such as synthetically-produced astaxanthin, only addresses part of the whole fish’s needs – sacrificing health for color. A feed closer to nature is healthier, adding not only rich color but important phytonutrients and antioxidants that are found in the wild fish’s natural diet.

There’s a supplement, tested and proven in the market for more than a decade and accepted by natural production standards the world over, that can help you create a healthier, more natural feed for your land-based or RAS salmon. Find out what makes Panaferd different below.

Color in Farmed Salmon

Without supplementation, farmed salmon lacks the appeal of wild-caught; the rich reddish-orange flesh. That’s why carotenoid supplementation is key, but it’s also why a synthetic colorant isn’t the answer.

Natural color comes from a combination of naturally-produced minerals and nutriments – not chemically-isolated astaxanthin from petroleum (which is detectable as synthetic in lab testing). Panaferd contains a variety of antioxidants and nutrients that contribute to the color of the fish, but that’s not all this supplement can do.

Health Benefits for Land-Based Salmon

What truly sets Panaferd apart is the wide array of nutrients that are made available to the fish. Carotenoids like astaxanthin, adonixanthin, and more contribute to the color – but they also encompass several super antioxidants that enhance the overall health of the fish.

Fish fed with Panaferd experience improved immune defenses and less stress and disease. They produce more vitamin A, translating to more of this vital nutrient in their flesh as well. Healthy skin and improved regeneration are among the benefits to the fish, and breeding stock experiences improved reproduction.

A Naturally Produced Supplement

All of these benefits are thanks to Panaferd’s natural production method. We naturally ferment an organism that’s at the very base of the salmon’s food chain – the paracoccus carotinifaciens bacterium. They produce the carotenoids that create salmon’s beautiful characteristic color – providing the variety the fish needs in its diet for health and authenticity.

Discover the Panaferd Difference

When it comes to land-based, RAS salmon; natural beauty and health is within easy reach. The natural solution is industry-proven Panaferd. Your land-based farm could see serious results and provide a product with wider appeal – make the switch to Panaferd. Reach out to talk to an expert on land-based salmon supplementation today.

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