Aquaculture has great potential to help feed the world with sustainably-sourced seafood, but for that potential to manifest, every aspect of the fish farming process must work in harmony. As a major part of raising your livestock, feed for farmed fish is one of the first places we can look to establish more sustainable aquaculture.

For fish like salmon and trout, which are expected to have a rich color and good health, that means finding a feed supplement that will give them their characteristic pinkish-orange flesh with as little environmental impact as possible. All-natural Panaferd® provides that and more, with powerful antioxidants and a source of color derived right from the wild salmon’s natural environment. Here’s what makes Panaferd® your sustainable feed supplement for the color and health of your salmon and trout.

What Makes A Feed Supplement Sustainable?

The main carotenoid in salmon pigmentation is astaxanthin, and when produced artificially it’s often derived from petroleum. In addition to introducing an unnatural isomer of this carotenoid into the diet of the fish, petroleum-based artificial astaxanthin will be introduced into the environment as well.

As a natural supplement for color and nutrition, Panaferd® contains not only the natural isomer of astaxanthin, detectable in the flesh of the fish in lab tests, but also a variety of other antioxidants such as adonirubin. It’s produced with an oceanic microorganism that is already in the salmon’s natural food chain – more closely resembling the fish’s diet in the wild. With no petroleum byproducts, and more nutritional value than a standard artificially-made pigment, the health of your stock is improved. And, when combined with other sustainable ingredients, you can have a more sustainable feed.

Natural Production With No Adulterants

Panaferd® is produced naturally by fermenting the paracoccus carotinifaciens microorganism, a bacteria eaten by the crustaceans that eventually are eaten by wild salmon. For a truly sustainable supplement, no animal products are used to produce Panaferd®. No additives are included either, synthetic or otherwise. The nutritional value of this supplement comes entirely from the naturally-cultured paracoccus microorganism itself.

Discover a Sustainable Answer to Salmon Pigmentation

Panaferd® provides beautiful color, but it’s more than an astaxanthin pigment. Add antioxidant variety and micronutrients to your fish feed with a naturally-produced supplement. Find out what else this natural supplement can add to your fish farm, reach out to an expert today to learn more.

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