We’re proud to announce that Panaferd-AX has been attested by Ecocert for use in the farming process for organic products, in accordance with European (EU 2018/848) and USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations. This attestation is an exceptional milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide the highest levels of quality and real-world value to our customers. Read on and discover what this landmark attestation means for Panaferd-AX and for our customers.

The Natural Choice

Panaferd-AX is the natural choice in astaxanthin and carotenoid supplementation for aquaculture stock. It is a naturally-fermented supplement added to feed for exceptional color and improved health. Attestation from the Ecocert Inputs program means that it meets global standards for use in manufacturing organic products that require reliable and rigorous traceability.

Gaining Ecocert Attestation

Ecocert is one of several certifying bodies trusted to provide certification for a wide variety of production standards, including in food, farming, forestry, textiles, cosmetics and eco-products. Public and private entities worldwide rely on Ecocert to trace production processes and verify adherence to standards such as European regulation EU 2018/848 and the USDA’s National Organic Program. This attestation comes from Ecocert’s program for agricultural inputs, those additive products such as fertilizers and feed supplements that aren’t directly covered by organic certification. Products attested by Ecocert are verified for use in the manufacturing process of organic products. Additional information is available through the Ecocerts international database, which includes the listing for Panaferd-AX, here:

The criteria of the attestation include:

  • Does not contain products obtained by chemical synthesis and/or genetic recombination
  • Product has reliable traceability
  • Product suitable for use in Organic Farming in accordance with European Regulation (EU 2018/848) and NOP Regulation

This is an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of our organization. Accreditation shows our commitment to providing the highest levels of quality to our customers, and the same high level of conduct in our business practices. Accreditation by Ecocert is proof of this commitment, and signifies that we have met the rigorous standards of a globally-recognized third party. Contact the Panaferd team here to learn more about Panaferd-AX and this Ecocert Inputs attestation.

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