Scottish Salmon: Pioneer of Natural Color

Salmon Scotland filet of salmon
Image credit: Salmon Scotland

Across the world, Scottish salmon is known for its premium quality and highest standards. It has been awarded EU PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) status, marking its quality and distinctive origins. It was also one of the earliest international food products to be awarded the coveted French “Label Rouge” designation for its outstanding superior taste, recognized during blind tests.

The powerful Scottish Salmon Producers Organization, renamed recently to “Salmon Scotland,” represents all of Scotland’s salmon producers, with the goal to support the development of this sector and promote their farming practices and sustainability commitments at all levels.

In a recent post and educational video, Salmon Scotland has confirmed the use of natural pigment to provide their fish with the best color in a way that’s closely aligned with a wild diet, but also to meet the expectations of consumers. In Scotland, salmon farmers use the approved organic, naturally-sourced pigment derived from the fermentation of a microorganism and with no additives or preservatives: Panaferd®!

See Scottish Salmon’s new FAQ and video:

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