Provide incredible nutrition and color to your eggs and layer birds with Panaferd®! Panaferd®, the feed additive for pigmentation and animal health, has brought color and nutrition to more than organic and premium salmon. For many years, Panaferd® has been an essential part of the movement of premium and enriched eggs in Japan and other Asian countries.

As part of our expansion plan in new markets, we’ve achieved approval for use with laying hens in Chile, adding to the pre-existing authorization for use in salmonids and shrimp.

Why Panaferd® for Eggs?

New consumer trends toward healthier and more natural foods have generated the need for natural alternatives in animal feed.

Panaferd ® offers the advantage of effective pigmentation, due to its high content of natural carotenoids, and provides additional benefits beyond color – for your hens and for the customers who consume your eggs.

Due to the high content of natural astaxanthin, with a high nutraceutical value, eggs from birds fed with Panaferd offer multiple health benefits. This allows brands to deliver more excellent value and better competition in the consumer marketplace.

Panaferd® is made to organic standards and has recently received ECOCERT attestation for use in organic farming in accordance with European (EU 2018/848) and USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations.

Poultry Expansion Plan

In addition to our approval in Chile, we are working to extend the possibility of use in more countries. If you are interested in adding Panaferd® to your production, contact us for more details.

Learn more about Panaferd® for poultry

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