If you’re ready to enhance the natural quality, color, and nutrition of your RAS-farmed salmon, Panaferd® provides the solution. Farmed salmonids of all kinds need pigment for the characteristic pink flesh that consumers have come to associate with high quality. Salmon reared in recirculating aquaculture systems, or RAS farms, have additional nutritional and environmental needs for successful growth and health.

Natural Salmon Pigment for RAS Fish Farms

Panaferd® is a naturally-derived pigment that not only contributes exceptional color to the flesh of your fish, it also provides for the overall health and hardiness of your fish stock. Here are just a few of the benefits that RAS farmers can look forward to when they use Panaferd® in their salmon feed.

  • Farmed salmon needs pigment, but petroleum products such as synthetic astaxanthin aren’t organic or naturally derived. Panaferd® comes from an aquatic microorganisma natural part of the wild salmon’s food chain.
  • RAS farming can potentially be more stressful for aquatic livestock, so RAS salmon has special nutritional needs for successful growth and health. A high antioxidant content in Panaferd® contributes to improved resilience in your fish.
  • There are many carotenoids in Panaferd®, including Astaxanthin, adonirubin, and canthaxanthin, and others, which contribute to health and color. Synthetic pigment has only one, astaxanthin.
  • RAS farming, especially for land-based salmon, is of great interest for farmers, grocers, chefs, and consumers looking to support a responsible supply chain for delicious fresh fish. Panaferd® is made with renewable materials, naturally produced, and attested for use in organic products by Ecocert in accordance with European (EU 2018/848) and USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations.

Panaferd diagram illustrating panaferd is a natural, fermented astaxanthin product with other rare carotenoids and proteins for salmon color and nutrition

RAS farmers who use Panaferd® can look forward to more than an exceptional natural color in their salmon. They can raise more resilient fish, differentiate their product with exclusive labeling, and demonstrate real value to grocers and consumers who want a more natural salmon in their grocery cart.

Discover the Natural Difference

If you’re ready to enhance the natural health, color, and appeal of your salmon raised in a recirculating aquaculture system, Panaferd® has benefits that grocers, chefs, and customers can’t ignore. Reach out to us here to learn more about using Panaferd® in your salmon feed, and discover the benefits you’ll see in your innovative RAS farm.

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