Ornamental Fishes and PanaferdⓇ

beautiful ornamental fish fed Panaferd astaxanthin

Ornamental fish is a general term for fish such as goldfish and “Nishikigoi” that are kept as pets in aquariums and ponds in gardens. Ornamental fish are characterized by their beautiful and vivid colors. There are competitions for ornamental fish where the vibrancy of color or uniqueness is displayed, and winners are selected.

PanaferdⓇ-AX is a highly regarded pigment for specific ornamental fish.

Two photographs show the fish color fed by synthetic astaxanthin-containing feed (left) and the color when PanaferdⓇ-AX is fed(right). (Images provided by Taiwanese customer of PanaferdⓇ-AX)

ornamental fish with poor natural color

Above: Ornamental fish with poor natural color



Above: Ornamental fish fed PanaferdⓇ-AX (carotenoid mix)


The photographs demonstrate that when ornamental fish are fed PanaferdⓇ-AX, more vivid and deeper dark red colors are achieved.

We consider the following as the benefits of Panaferd to ornamental fishes.

① Rare Carotenoids

PanaferdⓇ-AX is produced by fermenting and culturing marine microorganisms that produce a pigment called carotenoids. In addition to astaxanthin, which is a major pigment, it contains rare carotenoids with various colors, such as adonirubin and adonixanthin. By intricately overlapping multiple colors, it is possible to achieve more natural and beautiful colors.

② Natural Structure of Astaxanthin from Marine Microorganisms

There are three isomers of astaxanthin: 3S,3S’-isomer, 3R,3S-isomer, and 3R,3R’-isomer. PanaferdⓇ-AX is characterized by its ability to produce highly selective 3S,3S’-isomers that are abundant in the natural salmon body, which has a beautiful, orange-colored body. We assume this leads to high biocompatibility and contributes to improved pigment absorption and reduced liver burden during degradation.

Ornamental fish are carefully grown and fed abundantly, but at the same time, are at risk of fatty liver. PanaferdⓇ-AX is a highly functional feed additive that is kind to the body and achieves beautiful frying.

③ Reduction of Oxidative Stress by Multiple Rare Carotenoids

The high-antioxidant capacity of astaxanthin is generally well known, but PanaferdⓇ-AX also contains carotenoid components such as adonirubin and adonixanthin, which have about three times the antioxidant capacity of astaxanthin. This system effectively protects important organisms from UV stress caused by water tank lighting during animal rearing and stress caused by high-density multi-breeding.

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