Kuramochi Co., Ltd. offers eggs made using a dedicated production method based on the desire to deliver eggs produced by healthy hens.

They have introduced the Aviary System*, which considers Animal Welfare and takes care of the poultry’s environmental sanitation.

Feed for laying hens is also one of their dedications. The feed mix for the laying hens is carefully chosen to produce eggs with a dark orange yolk color. Recently, there has been an increase in demand from high-end supermarkets for naturally-derived feed.

Under these circumstances, we are providing eggs with a dedication to using Panaferd for Kuramochi. Panaferd is an astaxanthin derived from marine microorganisms and is a safe and secure feed ingredient produced by fermentation technology. It was adopted not only because it is a naturally derived feed, but it can also be used in conjunction with paprika to obtain very attractive orange eggs.

*Aviary (Aviary: the intention of a “bird cottage”) is a multi-tiered chicken house that has reduced the number of feeders in a chicken house, resting areas with a stuck tree to satisfy the chicken’s desire for action, egg-laying areas with a hive box, and a movement area where sand can be cleaned.

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