The launch of Holistic Diet Omega3 Eggs by a prominent Chilean poultry producer marks a milestone in the healthy food industry in Chile. Enriched with the natural astaxanthin Panaferd®, this product is available in some Jumbo retail branches in Santiago, Chile. This novelty reflects a commitment to quality and advanced nutrition, where our ingredient plays a vital role.

Panaferd® Natural Astaxanthin: A Key Component

The inclusion of Panaferd® natural astaxanthin in the chickens’ diet is essential. This powerful antioxidant, known for its multiple health benefits, not only improves the immune system of birds but also enhances the color of the yolks, offering superior nutritional and aesthetic value.

Enriched Diet for Greater Nutrition

In addition to the natural astaxanthin in Panaferd®, the chickens’ diet includes a variety of functional ingredients such as plant extracts, oils rich in Omega 3 DHA and EPA, probiotics, seeds, herbs, and vitamins. This combination ensures that each egg is a concentrated source of essential nutrients, benefiting consumers’ health. The diet of these laying hens is free of antibiotics, aligning with modern, responsible, and healthy food production practices.

Informative Packaging: Transparency and Education

An exciting feature of these eggs is their packaging, which includes information about the hens’ diet and a QR code. This code allows consumers to learn more about astaxanthin and its animal and human benefits. This innovative approach enables consumers to directly understand the source and benefits of key ingredients like natural Panaferd® astaxanthin in this line of eggs.

Positive Impact on Consumer Health

Holistic Diet Omega3 Eggs are more than food; they are healthy for those conscious of their nutrition. Enriched with Omega 3, especially DHA and EPA, these eggs significantly benefit brain development and cardiovascular health. Natural astaxanthin strengthens this nutritional profile, adding an antioxidant effect that promotes healthy aging and a better quality of life.

Launching the Holistic Diet Omega3 Eggs with natural astaxanthin from Panaferd® is a clear example of how innovation and commitment to quality can converge in producing foods that nourish and respect animal welfare and the Environment. This product reflects the values of health and sustainability and highlights the potential of natural ingredients such as astaxanthin in improving food quality.

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