Seafood consumers have grown more and more informed about the way their food is farmed. As a salmon farmer, you want to ensure that you deliver the most natural product possible. This will allow you to give these knowledgeable consumers what they’re looking for, and will put your food on track to some of the most desirable stores and markets. A key element of salmon and trout quality is the color – and not just any pigment will do for naturally-farmed fish. Here are the ways that pigmenting with Panaferd® can help you produce the best and most naturally-farmed salmon.

Recreating a Favorable Environment

The best environment for your fish is one that resembles their natural environment. Circulating clean, waste-free water, at the right temperature is a start. But for wild salmon, the source of their pigment is the food in their natural environment. Natural pigment comes from paracoccus microorganisms, which are eaten by crustaceans, which are eaten by salmon. That microorganism is the same kind that we use to produce Panaferd®.

Nutritious and Natural Feeding

A more natural feed requires a natural pigment. Synthetically-derived pigment only has one carotenoid – astaxanthin. Panaferd® contains the natural form of astaxanthin, as well as other natural carotenoids like adonirubin and canthaxanthin. Our product also includes natural lipids and proteins produced by the paracoccus microorganism. All of this means you’re feeding with pigment that mimics the way wild fish naturally get their color.

A More Desirable Product

Finally, consumers are learning more about the way their foods are farmed – and it’s clear that natural methods are more desirable. Using Panaferd® means one more natural step in your process. Salmon pigmented with Panaferd® is accepted by major retailers across the world, including Whole Foods, Marks & Spencer, New Seasons Market, and more. Natural pigment will give your salmon the rich color you expect, while meeting consumer demand for naturally-farmed fish.

Panaferd® – The Natural Choice

Produced in adherence to the strict European food and safety standards, using ingredients found in nature, with a chemical-free process, Panaferd® is the natural choice. It’s an efficient, natural, and effective way of pigmenting your naturally-farmed salmon. Contact us to learn more about Panaferd®, and bring your process even closer to nature.

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