Riverence Farms Steelhead Trout fed with Panaferd are Naturally Good

Riverence Farms
Photo used with permission © Riverence Farms

For goodness’ sake! When it comes to fresh and healthy fish homegrown in the United States, few choices are as naturally good as Riverence Farms steelhead trout raised in Idaho’s Magic Valley. These trout come from the highest quality eggs and thrive in chilly spring-fed water that passes through the farms at an ideal temperature. Their diets are formulated to ensure complete nutrition by combining the best local ingredients at optimal levels. The healthier the fish, the tastier they are to eat – and rainbow trout raised in America’s spring-fed water are amongst the healthiest (and tastiest) eating fish on the planet. It takes the best inputs and environment to deliver a truly premium product and rest assured, Riverence Farms is innovating at every level.

In today’s world it is not so simple to do good and choose the best, but it does make a difference especially in terms of product quality. Considering Rocky Mountain spring-fed water to be your number one ingredient probably means you’re on the right track- think “catch and release” but of water not fish. Land-based fish farming of this kind has and will continue to provide a responsible outlook for aquaculture. Crystal clear water in and out requires both ingenuity and responsibility, and while everyone is talking about going green it is real action that speaks the loudest. The truly sustainable human protein sources of the future are striving to be produced in harmony with nature.

Riverence Farms

Photo used with permission © Riverence Farms

Fresh water seems logical enough, but taking time to consider the inputs for the feed of the food you are consuming might not be as simple or obvious. Feed ingredients and customized feed formulation are the next most important considerations to farmers raising fish for human consumption. Riverence Farms is constantly striving to create more wholesome fish feed that is nutritionally complete and environmentally responsible. Consider the micro ingredient crucial to feed in steelhead trout and salmon for flesh pigment, a super antioxidant known as astaxanthin. This crucial product can be produced and consumed in several forms, many in contrast to nature, but Riverence Farms is choosing to source this ingredient from a marine microorganism. The product known as Panaferd-AX© contains the ever-important astaxanthin but also several other complex coloring carotenoids and a variety of additional antioxidants.

Panaferd© is a feed ingredient naturally discovered in the soils of marine and brackish waters and can be considered the start of the natural food chain for many aquatic species including red trout. The product was harnessed from nature and is replicated today in commercial production. It is one of the few abundantly available sources of coloring carotenoids recognized and implemented into organic standards around the world. Besides the widely known antioxidant astaxanthin, Panaferd© contains several other naturally occurring complex color contributing carotenoids such as adonirubin, canthaxanthin, and adonixanthin – all known and increasingly recognized to promote good health. This micro ingredient is available in its original dried form as a component to fish feed that is suitable for organic farming as approved by ECOCERT inputs. Yet another example of how Riverence trout are naturally good.

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