VÅRLAKS, which translates to “Our Salmon”, is one of the most premium salmon brands, processed and distributed by the Dutch company VISSCHER SEAFOOD B.V. Launched in 2019, it became in few years a reference in the Norwegian salmon industry for its highest quality standards. The salmon is mainly sourced from “Aquaculture Stewardship Council” mainly certified family-owned farms then processed and distributed by Visscher Seafood. Main markets are Northern Europe and North America, but the company also has presence in South East Asia and the Middle East.

Richard Brouwer, Quality Assurance Manager at VÅRLAKS Visscher Seafood, shares with us some of his experience and insights. 

Can you tell us more about VÅRLAKS farming practices and requirements?

VÅRLAKS salmon comes from farms with the best farming conditions perfect for Atlantic salmon to grow naturally and healthy. The fish is raised at low density and is not overfed; its growth is based on natural selection. Use of natural lice deterrents, instead of chemical or mechanical delousing. Also, we do not use copper treatments; our divers regularly get to work underwater to prevent fouling on the nets. 

How important is the feeding of your salmon? 

You could eat what we dish up for our fish! Our feed contains no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs, no additives, no chemicals and we prefer synthetic colorants. Rest assured: we only give our fish the best nutrition, so that you know for certain you’re eating the very best sustainably farmed salmon. Mother earth is pleased about that. 

Coming back to the salmon color? How do you manage this key quality parameter in a natural way?

Most farmed Atlantic salmon are fed with artificial astaxanthin in Norway. But at VÅRLAKS, we prefer the use of salmon feeds that contain natural sources of astaxanthin from Panaferd®-AX. A natural salmon from the VÅRLAKS brand name deserves a natural color. That’s why our salmon is undoubtedly different from other farmed salmon. 

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