Learn About Panaferd-AX at the AquaSur 2018 International Fair

Join us in Chile’s Puerto Montt, the capital of Chilean salmon, from October 17 – 20, 2018 for the AquaSur 2018 International Fair. As the southern hemisphere’s premiere aquaculture event, it highlights the latest research and innovations in the aquaculture industry. From trade exhibitions and industry forums to workshops and student events, this 4-day scientific conference gives you the opportunity to access technologies and insights in the aquaculture industry alongside like-minded professionals in your field.

Learn About Panaferd-AX at Booth A-148

Attending AquaSur 2018 will also allow you to learn more about our Panaferd-AX product, the natural source of carotenoids used for the pigmentation of salmonids including salmon and trout. Our natural carotenoids derived from Paracoccus caratinifaciens go through a natural fermentation process that guarantees no GMO’s, additives, or preservatives. Stop by booth A-148 to learn more about the Panaferd-AX product and how its natural pigment can differentiate your brand.