Produce Premium Salmon With Panaferd

You strive to produce premium salmon, so every aspect of your process – from your location, to your equipment, down to the feed, should reflect that. A lot of time and effort goes into producing your salmon – why would you let that slip away with an inferior pigment? Premium sellers know what their customers are interested in, and that means you need to use high-quality products and techniques to produce premium salmon. Find out how Panaferd® fits into that process.

What Makes it Premium?

Firstly, what makes a premium product? Often, you’ll find that a premium product – such as salmon – is closer to nature. In nature, the salmon gets everything it needs for its rich pink color from carotenoids in its diet. It eats microorganisms that produce astaxanthin – the source of the salmon’s pink color. From the very bottom of the food chain, the salmon gets that mark of quality, the delicate coloration of its flesh.

What are Consumers Willing to Pay For?

Consumers expect those visual markers of quality – like color – to be strong. Increasingly, however, consumers also expect their premium foods to be closer to nature. This means that pigmenting with synthetics is not acceptable to discerning buyers. If it can’t be marketed as natural, then what is it? When you farm naturally, you have the power to reach those consumers, but alongside that you need effective natural pigment to produce the color they’re looking for.

Make it Clear, Your Salmon is Natural

Panaferd is a naturally-derived pigment that mirrors how salmon get their color in the wild. It comes from microorganisms at the bottom of their food chain. When you feed with Panaferd through the lifecycle of your fish, you’re giving them the opportunity to develop their rich color naturally. With nothing synthetic in their feed, you can confidently sell your salmon as a natural product.

Take a look at Kvaroy Fish Farms in Norway. They pride themselves on natural, environmentally-conscious salmon. They care deeply for the waters that sustain their farms. Since they depend on their local environment, they respect it in every aspect of production – including their pigment. They choose never to use synthetic pigment in the production of their salmon, and their product benefits greatly. They feed with Panaferd – and create a product that is much closer to nature.

Produce Premium Salmon, Naturally

Ask your feed producer to use Panaferd. Contact us to learn more about our process, and to find out how Panaferd can benefit your salmon production. Bring your process even closer to nature – pigment with Panaferd.

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