Striving to produce the best, most natural product possible, Kvarøy Arctic carries on a proud family tradition of salmon farming with integrity. A powerful respect for the fish, the environment around them, and the consumer drives them to use only natural solutions in raising their fish. Panaferd fits perfectly into their plan, being good for the fish and great for the environment. Here’s Kvarøy’s story, and why Panaferd® is the ideal pigment for them.

A Family Treasure: Kvarøy Arctic

In 1976, Alf Olsen established his pioneering fish farm off Indre Kvarøy with his son Geir. Decades later, in 2008, Geir’s sons Gjermund and Håvard were ready to take over the family business – and Geir’s son-in-law Alf-Gøran Knutsen joined them in ownership of the company. Kvarøy Arctic developed under their guidance with the same principles as it was founded on: offering very high quality salmon without compromising the health of the animal or the environment.

Why Panaferd is a Perfect Fit

It’s exactly those principles that make Panaferd the ideal pigment for Kvarøy Arctic’s salmon. First, Panaferd is produced naturally from a marine microorganism. Second, it replicates the source of the carotenoid astaxanthin in the diet of wild salmon – providing other vitamins and nutriments as well. Finally, it’s environmentally responsible and sustainable – making it a safe and simple choice for natural pigment.

Natural Product, International Demand

Certified by the Monterey Seafood Watch, Kvarøy Arctic has developed a strong partnership with Whole Foods Market for distribution throughout the US. Their fish carries all the hallmarks of high quality; delicious taste, high nutritional content, and – of course – brilliant color. It’s all thanks to their dedication to producing a premium, natural product – and Panaferd is a crucial part of that plan.

See for Yourself – Feed with Panaferd

Beautiful, natural farmed salmon is within your reach as well. Call us to discuss how Panaferd fits into your farming methods. You’ll see that with Panaferd, your product becomes more desirable in the markets you’re aiming for.

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