The Panaferd Difference

Much more than a pigment, what makes feed supplement Panaferd the natural choice? It’s healthy for your fish, healthy for your consumers, and even healthy for the environment. It’s the ideal supplement for fish farmers who want healthy, natural fish with gorgeous, rich color, and a low impact on the area they depend on for their farm. Read on to find out what sets Panaferd apart – and why it’s one of the best additions you can make to your fish’s diet. Or, hear it straight from us – contact us to talk more about Panaferd!

Create a Healthier Fish

Protect your livestock, and ensure them a brighter, healthier life. Panaferd is packed with antioxidants that improve many aspects of fish health, like their immune and reproductive systems. Vitamin A production increases alongside their overall antioxidant intake, and, of course, the flesh of the fish becomes that beautiful pink color. The nutritional content of the final product reflects these improvements – fish fed with Panaferd has high levels of antioxidant carotenoids, like astaxanthin.

Help Make Your Customers Healthier

Higher antioxidant levels in your fish directly benefit the consumer. Per findings from a 2007 study, astaxanthin has an antioxidant capability approximately 6,000 times that of vitamin C – and about 800 times that of Coenzyme Q10! Clinical studies on humans have demonstrated real benefits of astaxanthin on skin health, and adonirubin and adonixanthin have both been shown to protect against cell damage in the eyes. One 200g serving of Panaferd-fed salmon contains 1 mg of astaxanthin on average, with significant amounts of other antioxidants and rare carotenoids.

Foster a Healthier Environment

Panaferd is naturally-produced! So, it’s ideal for feeding in a natural environment. It reduces the possibility of changes in local microflora and fauna, with no artificial additives, GMOs, hormones, or colorants. It also reduces consumption of products linked to the petroleum industry – as it isn’t created from petroleum products like synthetic pigment. Paracoccus carotinifaciens, the microorganism that Panaferd is created from, is already present on the seabed – just another part of the natural ecosystem.

Discover the Difference with Panaferd

Find out the difference that Panaferd can make in your product – both in your production and your position in the market. Get in alongside premium producers of natural fish and set your product apart from the rest. Call us to learn more about supplementing your fish with Panaferd.

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