Panaferd® is the natural pigment and nutritional additive for livestock feed. Developed to supply powerful pigmentation and nutrition from natural carotenoids, this supplement creates rich colors in animal products, markers of high quality and health in foods such as chicken eggs and farmed salmon. Numerous studies have shown that the antioxidant carotenoids found naturally in Panaferd® can offer health benefits to consumers, too, such as better sleep, protection from free radicals inside the body’s cells, and even heightened athletic performance.

Carotenoid composition of Panaferd®

Carotenoid composition of Panaferd®

Astaxanthin and Sleep

The carotenoids in Panaferd® include compounds such as astaxanthin, adonixanthin, and many more. These act as antioxidants, and it has been found that they can have benefits for sleep quality in certain people. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition found that subjects who scored higher in a depression inventory saw significant improvement in sleep with astaxanthin supplementation.

Antioxidant Protection

Antioxidant protection provided by carotenoids includes protection against the damages of harmful free radicals in the body. In an article published in the journal Marine Drugs, those protective effects were tested against brain tumor formation. Both astaxanthin and adonixanthin were shown to have promising outcomes for suppressing cell proliferation.

Athletic Performance

Antioxidants are also believed by some athletes to relieve oxidative stress from exercise. A 2019 study in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition pointed to a link between astaxanthin supplementation and improved athletic performance. Athletes first completed baseline performance tests as a control, then they supplemented with astaxanthin or a placebo. Test subjects then performed the same tests after 28 days of supplementation. The astaxanthin group showed significant improvement in their athletic benchmarks after supplementation, whereas the placebo group did not.

Antioxidants in Panaferd®, Benefits for Consumers

The astaxanthin in Panaferd® has been shown to carry over into the flesh of farmed salmon – with about 3~4 milligrams per kilogram of fish. And, Panaferd® naturally provides a number of other carotenoids for a rich variety of powerful antioxidants. For healthy eaters, that can mean better health and more natural food choices, as well as a beautiful and appetizing meal! To learn more about Panaferd®, reach out to us on our contact page here.

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