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Photo of salmon filet from RAS salmon farm Swiss Lachs © alexandra_berg
Photo of salmon filet from RAS salmon farm Swiss Lachs © alexandra_berg

The future of RAS farming grows brighter and brighter – and as RAS products become more common on the shelves, consumer demand for products free from synthetic additives will grow, too. Panaferd®-AX is a natural solution for providing rich color to farm-raised salmonids, including salmon raised in land-based and indoor RAS farms. In an article for the latest issue of Fish Farmer Magazine – August 2022, Dominique Corlay explores all of the benefits that RAS farms can enjoy when they supplement their salmon feed with Panaferd®.

You can read the new article for Fish Farmer Magazine at the link below!

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This article was also published in the August 2022 print edition of Fish Farmer Magazine – take a look at the full print issue here:

Fish Farmer Magazine, August 2022

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