US-Grown Atlantic Salmon Without GMOs

Superior Fresh, an aquaponics farm in Wisconsin, is a shining example of what’s possible when a farm turns to natural solutions for producing their food. Like any aquaponics business, they use fish waste as a regenerative and natural resource for growing their salad greens, but what sets them apart is the dedication to farming clean, sustainable products with a tangibly positive impact. This dedication and their efforts to create the first commercial aquaponics company in the US to produce Atlantic salmon at such a scale in an RAS environment have won them fame, acclaim, and a prized spot in premium natural food retailers. They’re the definition of a natural success, so let’s see what sets them apart!

Superior Feed, Certified Salmon

USDA Organic certification in the US does not yet extend to seafood, regardless of whether it was farmed in pens in the ocean or in a completely controlled RAS facility. To stand out in a marketplace where consumers have come to expect the “organic” label, a producer selling food in the US like Superior Fresh must rely on trusted certification authorities to prove their product meets the highest standards for quality, sustainability, and health.

Thanks to their dedication to creating as natural a product as possible, Superior Fresh Fish is Certified Non-GMO by A Greener World (AGW), meaning their fish and feed contain no genetically modified food, no GMO species, and no GMO supplements. Additionally, they are Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW – meaning they do not use antibiotics or growth hormones.

Their seafood certifications also include Best Aquaculture Practices certification from the Global Aquaculture Alliance – the first aquaponics facility in the world to receive such certification from the program, and recognition as a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch “Best Choice”.

Thoughtful Aquaponics Practices

All of these certifications are built from the foundation of their salmon farming practices. And because their greens are USDA-Certified Organic, they raise their salmon to exacting standards to maintain the integrity of that certification. For Superior Fresh’s RAS-farmed salmon, that means the feed is the key input that enables all of their high-quality products. Nothing synthetic goes into the feed for their fish, and their product is all the better for it.

Natural Feed, Natural Color

Any salmon farmer knows, nutrition for farmed salmon destined for the plate requires some form of added color – usually via astaxanthin supplementation. In an all-natural salmon feed like the kind used by Superior Fresh, natural astaxanthin is the clear choice.

Panaferd® is the natural solution for salmon color and nutrition – not only does it contain natural astaxanthin but it also provides a unique profile of other antioxidant carotenoids for exceptional color and health. It is not resource-intensive fishmeal, fish oil, or even krill – Panaferd®-AX is naturally fermented from the paracoccus carotinifaciens microorganism, an organism that occurs at the base of the wild salmon’s food chain. Superior Fresh focuses on providing an organic, natural diet for their fish, so that their whole business can be successful, sustainable, and superior – and natural color is a key component for their salmonids. Reach out to us to learn more about Panaferd®-AX, and how you can use this natural supplement to raise the quality ofyour products and process.

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