Emily De Sousa, a Fisheries & Aquaculture Expert, advocates for increased transparency in the seafood industry. She is known for her passionate and extensive research on aquaculture and has authored many articles discussing various topics, including seafood marketing, improving labeling and information to the consumers. Emily is a Top Science Communication Voice on social media and a valuable link between consumers and the seafood industry. 

What is Emily De Sousa’s Position on Natural Pigment for Salmon?

Emily believes the lack of transparency about the origin of salmon and trout color can have detrimental long-term consequences. She believes the industry should give consumers the opportunity to learn more about the origin and differences between artificial astaxanthin and natural forms such as Panaferd®. Then, consumers can make an informed decision based on that information. No more, no less!

Looking to the Future

Teaming up with professionals like Emily propels our mission forward to spread the word of healthier, more transparent aquaculture with natural astaxanthin from Panaferd®. With her audience and platform, we can improve consumer awareness and education so they know they have a choice when buying seafood.

Be sure to follow Emily on social media and read her most recent article about greater transparency in aquaculture.

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