Emily De Sousa, an award-winning fisheries scientist and sustainable seafood expert, recently posted a TikTok video showing her favorite work-from-home lunch: a delicious salmon bowl using Superior Fresh Salmon. We’re proud to supply Superior Fresh Salmon with our natural astaxanthin, Panaferd®-AX.

Why Use Superior Fresh Salmon?

Superior Fresh Salmon gets its beautiful, bright pigment from Panaferd®, a source of natural astaxanthin. Natural astaxanthin provides extra nutrients and healthy antioxidants, along with many other health benefits. Superior Fresh Salmon is Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certified, prioritizes sustainable farming and organic solutions, and never uses GMOs, antibiotics, or pesticides.

Check Out Emily’s Video

Are you ready to try your hand at this delicious salmon bowl? Check out Emily’s video on TikTok of her making the recipe! Then, be sure to read more about why Panaferd®-AX is the best choice for your natural astaxanthin.

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